A Feminist Verbatim Musical Theatre Caberet

In August 2019 Ed Goggin, David Merriman and I premeired a project we had been working on that paired the Me Too movement with the music of Rodgers and Hammertsein at the Bread and Roses Theatre. It was co-produced and designed (lighting/sound/poster) by Adam Lenson and co-produced and marketting was by Alex Bermingham.

About The Show:

Since I was a child I have found profound meaning and strength in the music and lyrics of Rodgers and Hammerstein. At a time when we are continuously being confronted with the reality of what it is to be a woman, the world in which this music tends to live can seem trivial in comparison. Yet, my angry feminist spirit can’t handle Julie Jordan being called weak for staying with Billy, or Maria not getting the credit she deserves for rejecting her life in the church. The Me Too movement is an important moment in our history and an important part of the current women’s movement. We hadn’t acknowledged the horrific actions happening in the shadows until brave women decided to speak out in a way we could no longer ignore. I believe the conversation about sexual harassment and abuse is one we must allow to be a part of all aspects of society; be it in the classroom or the theatre, and that the conversation about feminism should be nuanced and detailed. We should be mindful of hastily judging a women’s behaviour, without first examining her circumstances. For me, the most important thing is that we let women speak their truth; and so all the spoken text you hear is verbatim, and has been said by the women or men involved. I wanted Rodgers and Hammerstein’s women to interact with this movement. I know most of them well and I think they’d have something to say about it. 



"This brilliantly crafted little gem of a show triumphantly marries the zeitgeist with classic musical theatre. It’s complex, potent entertainment. @mollyblynch’s range both as actress and singer is jaw-dropping. Stunning performance. Need to see this again. Bring it back SOON"

(Alun Hood on Twitter)

We loved seeing you in the show- so entertaining and thought provoking. Your singing was gorgeous and we hope you bring this to NY- it will be a sensation with the high #metoo awareness! See you @pizzajazzclub on the 7th!

(Ann Hampton Calloway on Twitter)

"It has taken me a whole day to digest the sensation that is @mollyblynch and her incredible show I saw last night! So cleverly written and the songs were beautiful and all performed by one of the best performers ever! Everybody just has to see this beauty!"

(Zoe Dignan on Twitter)

Rogers & Hammerstein (& Me Too) by @mollyblynch is a shocking new show that induces gasps within the first few seconds. The women's songs from the famously sweet 'moon/June' R&H songbook are shown in a new light - while still retaining their strength and integrity. Ends Sat 3 Aug

(Neil Bastin on Twitter)